Friday, March 25, 2011

The Smart Blonde (dare I say?)

When I ask you to think about 
a tall blonde woman donned in a pink and black suit with pink high heels, 
what do you think??

If you are like the majority of the United States, you would have said something to the effect of 'ditz', 'airhead', 'outgoing', maybe even 'promiscuous'?  Well, because sex sells, and this is the stereotypical 'model' type, it is understandable for people to have a preconceived notion as to who a person is because of their appearance.  I admit that even I catch myself placing stereotypes and judgments on other women.  At the heart of it though, a blonde woman is the same as a brunette woman who is the same as any other human being as far as worth and potential are concerned.  Unfortunately, this is not how people are portrayed in the media.  I have found blatant proof this week.