Friday, November 4, 2011

The Cure

I am searching for you dear - my one true love
the one that will fit my heart like a glove.
The road has been bumpy and filled with some fears
but I know you will hold me and wipe away my tears.

I pray for you daily and hope you are near,
but if not I pray God will whisper in your ear.
I pray you are safe and you are living life well
I might make your life better as far as I can tell.

It may not be time for us to meet or become one
but I know you are out there as sure as the Sun.
God promised us a future with hope and no despair
which makes me sure that you are out there somewhere.

Love and much respect are both hidden in my heart
and these both are yours once we are able to start.
I don't know your name, your face, or even your voice
but it doesn't matter because waiting for you is my choice.

I choose to be patient, kind, and ultimately loyal
and you can know for sure that my love doesn't spoil.
I have so much to give you, you don't even know
my intentions are pure, like freshly fallen snow.

I will wait as long as it takes for you to show up
and when you do, I'll be ready with coffee in my cup.
A connection so strong, so lasting and so pure
may prove to be for this ailing heart an absolute cure.

Until we meet I will keep praying for your safety
for your family and friends and what you're up to lately
Please know you are in my soul already my love
and you are someone I will always and forever think of.