Tuesday, February 21, 2012


If in the starry night, wandering,
kiss the frosted mouth of the breeze,
the kiss whose melody’s broken.
A visceral discovery.
Men are endless bodies
desiring, descending.
Lovers laden, disrobed.
bodies of dark chocolate -
souls, melting and grasping.
Realizing the downward moment
where two are glued fast together.
Flaws of a diamond,
endless round of gold metal
discarding fears.

Love Realized

Romance, the dream
in severed hearts of lovers.
Marriage, divorce – counterparts?
Beautiful girl, you are enough.
Notice the cold shards strewn
in the aftermath.
Beauty squandered, misused.
Intelligent girl, take heed and consider.
Pursuing soul’s match,
deaf, blind to sirens and lights.
Hunger pains viewing a cake white dress,
perfection - the mirage.
Curious girl, inquire why, and what for?
Diamond crusted ring, polished paradise,
supported by generations, refuge assured.
Insecurities painfully birthed from ancestral failures,
contractual self worth.
Authentic being, embrace yourself fully.
Do you purchase the first car?
Vibrant colors, chrome masking disrepair,
broken, tarnished, and used. 
Beloved, the answer is within yourself.
Fa├žade realized – an accurate razor,
Freedom poured out from a chalice,
a bouquet of esteem,
a true love – growing internal.
                        Strong woman, believe and be loved.