Sunday, December 25, 2011

Fly Free

To you my dear, in truth I do plead,
all I would ask is that you care when I bleed.
I am waiting to care for, and love you sincere
and it seems you don't notice that I am right here.

My heart hurts in the eve when I sit here alone
feeling as my heart will forever be stone.
I had the great privilege of building a home
but now it is gone and alone I do roam.

So they say in some circles that patience is gold
and I thought I had earned it as the days got old.
I wish I could say that I know you are mine
however that is something only told by time.

We all have in us the capacity to care
and that I won't receive love is my only scare.
Empathy is clear in my heart and my life
and its true I can meet you in pain and in strife.

Your heart I would fix if I only knew how
but it is not possible to do that right now.
I pray for you in earnest, honestly I do
and I hope that your mood rarely feels blue.

I ask for serenity to accept those I can't change
but this desperate need to love is really quite strange
I will work it out in the end I am sure
and before I find yours, I need to find my cure.

My heart it gets sad and it clearly can cry
but the depth of the darkness shows the brilliance of sky.
Without the deep dark there would never be light
and without pain we would never learn to fight.

I am passionate about my love and whom I give it to
and the choice is mine, I no longer give it to you.
Taking for granted the love that is here
will only set you up for a future unclear.

I am doing my best to be someone to love
but I cannot do more and you I can't shove.
I choose to let go and let you fly free
so that I can take my heart back and truly be me.